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Whakāro mai te Whānau Ako i to Ratou Ake Taiao, rā tuaiwa.

This week is Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori, and it’s galvanised me into action to do a couple of things I’ve been meaning to do for ages. The first was to gather up some very pretty resources, pool the reo Māori knowledge and posters of our unschooling group and make little signs to put up all over the house. I had lots of fun, and while I was at it I made them in Dutch too. I will endeavour to post photos when I (finally) get them up around the house, which will involve buying blu-tac, which will involve a trip to the shops… so it might take a while. Donations of blu-tac welcome.

When I made a website for my homeopathy business, on my list of things to do was to get it translated into reo Māori, because, well, it’s a national language! I never got it done. And I’m a bit gutted about that, but I’m making up for it in a minuscule, nano even, kind of way by getting the title of today’s blog post translated. It actually translates to:

Thoughts From a Family Who Learns in Their Own Environment, Day 9

Isn’t that beautiful??!! Thank you to my friend Liaan and her cousins for their poetic translation.

Unschooling as a name for what we do has always sat uneasily with our group. I quite like it, it appeals to my defiant side, but for others, their ill-ease was about not framing up their learning with the terms of some-one else. I didn’t really get that until I read that Ancestral Schooling piece I linked to before as well. When Liaan told me the “Learns in their own environment” thing, I thought, BINGO! and now I just have to master, ako i to ratou ake taiao, so that it rolls off my tongue effortlessly.

Ka kite apopo.

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