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Diary of An Unschooling Family, Day 5

I am three gins in.

This will be brief.

Socialisation is something that school-ing friends really worry about my children missing out on.

I am not worried about this. For a variety of controversial reasons, which I’ll go in to if you like, but not right now because it might get really frank.

For now, I’m going to alert you to this You Tube video I made when our unschooling group (we don’t love that title (see this blog post by Ancestral Schooler) but haven’t settled on a different one) went to Taniwha, a local farm that bursts into daffodil-bloom at this time of year.

So, check out that video, and if you still have questions about socialisation, meet me back here and post a comment.


Raising a Revolution

I feel really strongly that raising children outside of the conventional education system is one of the most politically active things I’ve ever done. The only thing that comes close is lobbying to get the drinking age lowered to 18 when I was a Youth Councillor. Priorities.

It’s my firm belief that in order to change the world we live in, we have to change the way we live in it. For some, this takes the form of zero waste, for others, veganism, for me it’s raising free-spirited children who aren’t cowed by the system. That’s my truth. It might not be yours, in the same way that veganism isn’t my truth but I respect that it might be yours. See, we can all be friends.

A lot of people get completely wigged out by our unschooling.

  1. “But, what do you DO all day?” Whatever we want.
  2. “How do they learn?” The same way they learned to walk and talk.
  3. “Will they go to high school?” I don’t know. They don’t have to. They don’t have to not to.
  4. “What about socialisation?” Oh, I just can’t even. But. We have lots of friends who don’t go to school and if we feel like it we can hang out with them. And I can get socialised.
  5. Pause.
  6. “What time do you get up in the morning?” Whenever the fuck we want!!!

And for people starting out questioning whether or not to send their kids to school, there are a lot of questions:

  1. All of 1-6 above, plus:
  2. How do you get time for yourself?
  3. How do you support your child’s interests?
  4. How do I make sure they’re learning to read and write, while supporting their interests?
  5. How do I know whether they’re learning?
  6. Will they have friends?
  7. How do I know if I’m doing it right?
  8. Who are your inspirations?
  9. What books can I read?
  10. But, My kid will want to play Minecraft ALL DAY, that’s not ok, right?

This blog, together with our You Tube Channel, is aimed at answering those questions, starting with our first video Our Week Plan

We’re about to embark on a 3 month holiday around the North Island of New Zealand. Follow us here, on Facebook, and on You Tube to learn more about what unschooling looks like in the day to day, and maybe whether you’re up for Raising a Revolution with us.

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