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Diary of An Unschooling Family, Day 7

Today Ron went to work at 8:30, so the dynamic changed in our household, as it always does when it’s just me and the kids. I find that often we’re more of a team, I get more cooperation, and we discuss and agree upon things. Those things might be linked.

Today was shopping day. Together we made a fortnight-plan of our meals together, made a shopping list and then ventured out into the world of retail to buy our stores. I spent a total of $360. We spend a lot on food. Somehow I think this is banking against future health bills, but of course, that can all go down like a house of capsules.

I had plans of filming us doing our unschooling thing in each of the retailers we went to, but when I got there it just didn’t seem to happen. I think I may have said 100 times: “Come on. Please.”  I’d rather shopping happened quite a bit faster than it does. This, is the life of unschooling. I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve been to the supermarket without children in the last eight years. Going to the supermarket by myself is just about as fantastical as a spa day with a Swedish massage guy.

Today the kids avoided the local organic store completely by opting to play in the nearby fountain. A choice I was envious of.

After all of that food shopping we came home to recover, and then we gave the house some love. We had three jobs and three people, so we each chose one and got to work.

File 12-09-17, 8 18 23 PM

Joss’s job, as seen in this shot, was comic relief, dancing, singing and folding the tea towels. Notice Louis’ novel way of holding the vacuum cleaner.

We went up to the beach with the dog and the fishing gear after that. Just look at the glee on the face of my son after his enormous cast into the surf.

File 12-09-17, 8 17 26 PM

Unfortunately, the handle fell off his spool-thingie pretty soon after this shot, and he was terribly upset about it. I hope we can replace it!!

We came home and I cooked a fantastic meal that Joss moaned about, then ate more than I’ve ever seen her eat. I just can’t fathom that girl and her dietary habits. She defies all current nutritional knowledge. How she doesn’t have rickets is mind boggling.

Now, I’m sitting on the couch, looking at the dishes from dinner, marvelling that a mere three hours ago the bench was clean. And trying to summon the energy.

See you tomorrow.


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