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Diary of An Unschooling Family, Day 6

We’re over half way!! And I’ve had so much traffic to this blog, so I’m guessing you like it! Yay!

Tonight we’re going to my mum’s house for dinner. She has a boarder who’s studying at cooking school, and she’s trying out one of her recipes on us. We are meant to be bringing dessert, which will mean stopping at the supermarket on the way to buy ice-cream.

So, I thought I’d do this blog before we leave.

This morning I finally screwed in the High Tea painted rounded-corner shelves in the laundry. They look amazing. They have been a team effort – my brother and Louis worked on getting them in the right place and the anchors in for the screws and all of that side of things for a couple of days, I did the sanding and painting of the shelves, the builder rounded the corner and Ron coped with my singing.

File 11-09-17, 4 25 13 PM

While I was getting them in, Louis was out making a frame for our water containers and Ron was doing the morning chores. Joss was losing her shit with regularity about things like, her bows not sitting straight, or her socks not feeling right, and just being irascible in general. So at about 11 I whisked her off to bed for her to have a nap. She slept for about an hour and woke up in a mildly better mood.

Louis and Ron had spent the time bonding over Minecraft – Louis is giving Ron an education in it – Ron’s mind is blown a little and I’m in complete admiration for his dedication for persevering.

I took off to a local aluminium workshop to see about my options for sliding doors, leaving the kids in Minecraft and Ron out in the shed.

We piled in the car when I got back and met some friends of ours up at the beach. We were (overly) optimistic that the weather might hold. After about 10 mins up there we came home and had hot chocolates by the fire and played with the electric train set.

File 11-09-17, 4 28 36 PM

The friends have gone home now and the kids are back on Minecraft. They are sharing a “world” and so the fighting that happens in real life is now happening in virtual reality as well. The fighting does something to my head – I just get so irritated by it. The words, “This is your last warning!!!!!” definitely came out of my mouth. Twice. It might have been effective because there’s been no fighting for 3 minutes.

Oh, I spoke to soon.



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