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Catching Lunch

Yesterday we kind of caught a fish. Ron saw something flapping about on the sand and a seagull circling overhead. He went in for a tentative closer look and saw it was a fish. He grabbed it and brought it back to the camper van – this was to be lunch. Once he did the deed.

I did worry about the health of a fish that had lost its way so fatally, and it had a suspicious looking bulge on its undercarriage. A bulge which made me wonder if in fact it had swum all the way from Japan bringing with it a radioactive tumour. Luckily, I have in my possession a copy of Mobil New Zealand Nature Series Marine Fishes 1 and a quick reference to those pictures determined that what we had was a Red Cod, a hoka, and the bulge was a normal feature.

I have never gutted, nor filleted a fish in my life. But, this was my task. Ron looked in every cook book I had to see if they offered any guides, niks. So I went on the instinctive knowledge of one who has grown up on a farm and seen animals killed and butchered, and made my first incision. Which sounds way more precise than what actually happened. You see, my knives were not really up to the task, and fish skin is pretty fucking tough. So, what I did in reality was hack at it, and hope for the best. Louis was watching while springing about the place with excitement.  He literally could not sit nor stand still. Then he said, “Actually, Mama, do you know what the professionals do?” “What?” “They make lots of little cuts, not big ones.” And whaadddya know, when I started to do that, it was a hell of a lot easier!! Yay for hours of watching fishing programmes.

When I’d finished my fillets looked like they’d been extracted with the use of a high powered chainsaw, but we had lunch. I boiled some potatoes, made a salad of spinach, cucumber, marinated onions and avocados, and fried the fish in butter, garlic and lemon zest. It was delicious.

Then, to top it all off (I know this is almost too good to be true, but it did happen, honest) Louis asked for paper and pencils to DRAW A PICTURE about the fish. It was pretty fucking home educated perfect.

Drawing Red Cod

Finding Our Groove

This morning I walked along a sandy beach just as the sun came up.

I woke up in our warm cocoon of a camper van. Joss was sleeping next to me, her tussled hair and light snoring are two of my favourite things. I could hear the birds chattering, the waves breaking, and the stillness in between. I slid down from our bunk, let out the dog and from the pile of yesterday’s clothes dressed in the muted light peeking underneath the curtains.

The dog and I walked up the beach, watching the waves breaking, the waves lapping, and my feet getting submerged then released, submerged then released.

For what has seemed like forever, this has been a dream. One of those dreams that sits in the back and eats away at you. I have been bored, disenchanted, grumpy, uninspired, and worried about the future of the world.

I recently read the book Beyond Civilisation by Daniel Quinn. I highly recommend it to fellow questioners, despairers, and those wanting to live a different life.

It seems like homeopathy, unschooling, and now living in a camper van for the summer are threads in a cloth of wanting to see positive change, wanting us to do things better, wanting to be aware, conscious, connected to our environment and each other.

Homeopathy is about taking the control of my health out of the hands of people who have never met me but stand to make millions off me, and resting it in my lap.

Spending the summer in a camper van is about busting out of the four walls of our house. Giving our kids access to wide open spaces, to the unique, earthy smell of New Zealand bush, to beaches and rivers and paddocks of waist-high grass.

Unschooling isn’t about not sending our kids to school. It’s about giving them this gigantic world and all it’s possibilities, then mixing it together with their passions and interests and curiosity to see where it all takes us.

All of these things are about getting out from under the gaze of civilisation for a bit. Maybe a lot. Trying to see a way Beyond it. Trying to find the little groove in this record where we sing.

Walking along a sandy beach in the dawn light is definitely the right key.

I found it.

We are parked on the shores of Lake Karapiro and suddenly it seems all worth it. The kids are off playing – Louis has found an old boomerang of Ron’s and is determined to master the use of it. Joss is his “picker-upperer” and is relishing the role. I am in the camper van cooking dinner, listening to their shrieks of delight.

It is quiet.

It is relaxed.

This is what I’ve held in my mind as my end-goal for about six months. This feeling. And now it’s here.

Louis just came in and asked if we could have a bonfire, so now they’ve gone off to find wood for that. They are so happy, and excited, and peaceful.

Looking forward to a summer of this.

We’re Off!

Camper van, check!
Tidy, DIYed house, check!
groceries ordered on line to be collected at a supermarket near our destination, check!
Kids frustrated due to a lack of parental attention over the last two weeks, check!
Audible book downloaded, boom charged, laptop charged, check, check, check!

We are ready!

Ron took the kids in the camper van yesterday to fuel up and do a couple of other jobs. I took the opportunity to go into the city ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! and get a few things. When I rounded the corner into our street I saw the camper van parked outside our house my heart just sang. It is so fucking exciting! I love it. We’ve waited so long for it, it’s always been a dream, and now it’s here.

So today we hit the road on our first trip in the camper van, which Ron wants to call Le Bus. I remain unconvinced. We’re heading to an unschooling camp, so are joining up with more revolutionaries to plot our changing of the world. I am so freaking excited!!

Let the revolution raising begin!

We Have A Camper Van

I’m almost too tired to write any more.

The camper van is in the drive way. The to-do list is getting shorter. Ron’s last day at the HBAF is tomorrow.

I’m beginning to think we might get this done.

I’m having a cup of tea, ignoring the dishes, watching something and going to bed.


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