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We’re Off!

Camper van, check!
Tidy, DIYed house, check!
groceries ordered on line to be collected at a supermarket near our destination, check!
Kids frustrated due to a lack of parental attention over the last two weeks, check!
Audible book downloaded, boom charged, laptop charged, check, check, check!

We are ready!

Ron took the kids in the camper van yesterday to fuel up and do a couple of other jobs. I took the opportunity to go into the city ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! and get a few things. When I rounded the corner into our street I saw the camper van parked outside our house my heart just sang. It is so fucking exciting! I love it. We’ve waited so long for it, it’s always been a dream, and now it’s here.

So today we hit the road on our first trip in the camper van, which Ron wants to call Le Bus. I remain unconvinced. We’re heading to an unschooling camp, so are joining up with more revolutionaries to plot our changing of the world. I am so freaking excited!!

Let the revolution raising begin!

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