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Diary of An Unschooling Family, Day 8

Today I couldn’t find my camera, ALL DAY. So there’s no evidence that we were alive, doing our thing. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

On our list of things to do today was activation – of the nuts and seeds variety – so we did that. Our dehydrator has been going all day with different things stacked in it at different times. I am particularly excited about the muesli I’m going to be enjoying tomorrow morning, along with my home made yoghurt and some fucking overpriced organic blueberries imported from somewhere very far away. But, it will be DEEE-licious.

The kids helped me with the activation. I’ve printed out a soaking guide so we all studied that and worked out which ones needed to go in first etc. Louis just loves doing things like this – getting the seeds soaking, then draining them, then putting them in the dehydrator. There’s something in the methodical nature of it, I think, that appeals.

Later we met up with friends at a new local playground, and the kids played while my friend and I chatted and kept our ears peeled for screaming. We were there for about three hours. Most of the time the kids spent pouring water on the slide to see how much air they could get as they flew off the bottom of it. There will be some bruised arses tomorrow I’m quite sure. The shrieks of delight were beautiful.

Louis and his friend decided that tonight was the perfect night for a sleepover, so that’s where he is right now. It is so quiet here.

Joss and I got home and the smell of very hot plastic hit me as soon as we walked in the door. We’d left the iron on!!! Far Out! Luckily it was upright! That freaked us out for a bit.

Once we’d calmed down, we took Isa for a run along the beach and Joss got an ice cream, and then we got home and cooked dinner. We have a storage area in our attic for bulk-food, and we’ve had some of the quinoa pasta from Ceres up there for a while. I went up there to get a packet for dinner and ??!! they were all gone! So Ron got dispatched to the supermarket for that and Joss had a bath.

And now, having eaten dinner and hung out a bit, Joss and Ron are reading bed time stories and I’m going to go and find my camera.

See you tomorrow for the penultimate Diary entry!



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